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LGBTQ+ Tabloid Newspapers


A collection of newspaper clippings on LGBTQ2+ people as represented in the media of the 1950s and 1960s, including articles and columns discussing the way this community was viewed and the way it was persecuted, ultimately tracking changes in the discourse on sexual diversity.


National Portrait Collection


The National Portrait Collection was established in 1998 with 25 original portraits and coincided with our 25th anniversary. Since then, the collection has grown to 79 portraits of various mediums, including photography, oil, and watercolour. We are committed to the continuous expansion of the NPC, thereby actively engaging in creating our own historical record.

Nominations for the NPC are held on a semi-regular basis. For more information, please contact The ArQuives directly.

The Collection is regularly exhibited in our home in Toronto and at other venues across Canada, in celebration of all LGBTQ2+ communities. The Collection is also available to organizations and museums on loan.

Lesbians Making History: Oral History Project

Maureen FitzGerald Holding LMH Banner 2.jpg

The Lesbians Making History (LMH) collective came together in the mid-1980s and was inspired by oral history projects of gay lives coming out of Buffalo, Boston and San Francisco. The collective interviewed 9 women about their experiences as ‘out’ lesbians in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

Collective members included: Rachel Epstein, Maureen FitzGerald, Amy Gottlieb, Didi Khayatt, Mary Louise Noble, and Lorie Rotenberg

In 2014 the original audio tapes were given to The ArQuives via the LGBTQ Digital Oral History Collaboratory, a multi-institutional research project led by University of Toronto professor Elspeth Brown and funded by a 5-year SSHRC Insight grant.

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LGBTQ+ Histories at Ryerson University

Closet hetes Feb 21 1992.jpeg

A collection of materials relating to the histories of LGBTQ+ people, organizations, and issues at Ryerson university, from the early days of gay organizations to the present. Featured issues include HIV/AIDS, homophobia on campus, the history of RyePRIDE, and the development of a trans organization.



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