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The Queer Home: Exploring Queer Architecture, Domesticity, and Gathering in Toronto


This exhibit encompasses excerpts from a summer's-worth of research, query, and writing by intern and architecture student, Henry Ding. Henry's exhibit delves into the relationship between queerness and architecture and their interconnection to make a queer home. 

Research, writing, and graphic design by Henry Ding. The full publication of "The Queer Home" is available at the end of the exhibit.

Digital exhibit mounted and curated by Madeleine Vein.

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Genderqueer in Canada


While "genderqueer" may be a relatively new term under the queer umbrella, the sense of out-of-placeness within and without the gender binary has a longer history. To be genderqueer means that one does not comfortably fit within the binary of female or male, woman or man. A genderqueer person may exist somewhere between, or outside of it entirely as a third gender. There are many ways to inhabit this gender identity and there is no one label that suits all people and this exhibit explores that reality.

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