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Among other things, Salaam provided:

Religious Services

For a brief time following a 2003 conference that Salaam hosted, Khaki initiated a regular jummah service through Salaam. Then Khaki went on to co-found The Unity Mosque in 2009 as a separate venture from Salaam, at which point Salaam re-affirmed its non-theological practices.

Group Meetings

During its early days, group meetings were a staple of Salaam programming, and served as both a means of mutual support and connection, and to establish priorities and programming for Salaam.

At that time, social gatherings, attracting LGBTQ+ Muslims from as far as New York, would happen through parties hosted at members’ homes, in queer clubs on Church Street, and at the 519 Community Centre.

Later, Salaam Canada brought together LGBTQ+ Muslims through game nights, speaker discussions, film screenings, cooking classes, lunches, potlucks and dinners for Pride, back-to-school, and major events in the Islamic calendar. Salaam organized these events independently and in collaboration with other community groups.  

Peer Support & Communal Healing

Since 2003, Salaam offered peer support groups: facilitator-led gatherings for LGBTQ+ Muslims to discuss issues and shared experiences, from dating to familial homophobia to settlement support. Beginning in 2020, and under the leadership of Lali Mohamed, Salaam hosted a monthly Black-specific peer support space. Lali explains:

“Over the years, Black Muslims have shared that they don't always feel comfortable around non-Black Muslims because of the kinds of micro or macro aggressions they encounter.”  

The importance of an exclusive space geared towards safety and relevance was affirmed by the make-up of participants at the Black-specific peer support group. After it moved online, there was regularly someone in attendance from Africa, a person who found the space sufficiently valuable that they were willing to log on for the group in the middle of the night.  

Programme for Salaam Conference, 2003

Programme for Salaam Conference, 2003

Refugee Claimant & Other Newcomer Support 

In its earlier days, Khaki, a lawyer specializing in refugee and immigration law, offered legal guidance and support to those attending the Salaam peer support groups. Salaam continued to provide informational support via email and through hosting relevant resources on its website to facilitate the legal, logistical, social, and psychological well-being of those embroiled in the immigration process. 

Roundtable/Network Participation 

Between 2016 and 2020, Salaam was a member of the Global Queer Muslim Network (GQMN), a conglomerate of collectives and organizations concerned with the needs and issues of LGBTQ+ Muslims in their respective regions around the world.