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Interview with El-Farouk Khaki for the Queer Liberation Theory Project

Interview with El-Farouk Khaki for the Queer Liberation Theory Project

Despite these and other challenges, Salaam has achieved many triumphs during its run as well. Through its events, social groups, conferences, resources, and through simply existing, Salaam created a community that will continue beyond its official recognition as an organization.

Salaam Closure

Letter announcing closure of Salaam Canada

On August 22, 2022, Salaam co-leads Lali Mohamed and Rahim Thawer published a statement about the closure of Salaam, which can be viewed on the right. 


While much has changed between the Salaam of 1991 and the Salaam of 2022, what has remained consistent to success is the personal connections – through trust and friendship-building, Salaam organizers have been able to access funding, space, and, therefore support more people. Salaam leadership recognizes that, from yesterday to today, the impact of its outreach is massive. For many LGBTQ+ Muslims who may never have attended a Salaam event, sent an email, or joined its Facebook page, just knowing that Salaam existed and continues to exist in other parts of Canada reminds them that they are part of a community, and they are entitled to call themselves LGBTQ+ and Muslim. 


Lali Mohamed and Rahim Thawer write about their time with Salaam:

""We [...]want to bow our heads - in awe and amazement - to all of you who live and love on the intersections of queerness and Islam. We are so grateful for you and hope you continue to be protected, cherished, and loved."