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Makeda Zook, Mary Annette Clough, and Krin Zook at Toronto Pride 1992

The Queerspawn Digital Storytelling Project was spearheaded by Sadie Epstein-Fine, creative and operational lead with community support from Makeda Zook in 2021. The goal of the project was to provide participants of all ages with one or more LGBTQ2+ parent(s) a way to explore aspects of the queerspawn experience through digital content creation. Over the course of 5 months, the Queerspawn project participants met virtually to share space and build community. They explored different ways to get into their stories and experiences. The project included 13 participants, who created video, art projects and installations, audio stories, podcasts and essays, exploring how their identities and life experiences have intersected with their queerspawn identity.

This exhibition has been organized by participant: Stanley Safran Bergman with Laurel Elisabeth Morgan Nunn Baskin; Aviva Gale-Buncel; Micah Champagne; Mary Annette Clough; Elizabeth Collins; Meredith Fenton; Sadie Epstein-Fine; Laura Hall; Robin Marquis; Maya Newell; Lisa Deanne Smith; Makeda Zook


Digital Archivists: Misty-Dawn MacMillan, Kate Zieman, and Heather Legere

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