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A wooden plaque with a black metallic plate, on which is printed the association name and date, “Pink Toronto Awards / Sunday, March 28th, 1999” and the award title and recipient name, “Outstanding Community Volunteer Award / Cathy Craig”. The…

A promotional video (10.51 min., 605 MB), directed by David Wood and properly titled "Canada Cup Invitational Softball Tournament 1979", created to give NAGAAA members a view of Toronto and the CGSL in advance of "Series V".Footage shows the CN…

The article provides information about the CGSL, NAGAAA and the GSWS, and also features profiles of several league members.

A letter dated August 15, 1981 from Toronto Mayor Art Eggleton, declining the CGSL Commissioner Ron Buston's invitation to throw out the first pitch at Series V.

A copy of a press release dated August 10, 1981 produced by the organizing committee to promote "Series V", providing logistical and historical information.

A pink button badge, 5.5 cm in diameter, on which is printed in black letters: “Canada Cup’87, PWA/LGYT”, featuring a stylized figure of a baseball player drawn in an arts & crafts style.

The trophy, 16 cm high, features a golden, bat-wielding figurine on a wooden base, which bears a plaque inscribed with the award title, recipient name, team and year, “Jack Brannigan Bloor Station 1982”.

An orange button badge, 5.5 cm in diameter, on which is printed: "C.G.S.L.”, within a baseball stitching motif.

A copy of the CGSL newsletter Diamond Dust, no. 1, 1980.

The CGSL handbook for the 1979 regular season, containing a letter from the league commissioner, information about events, a regular season schedule, game rules, a map to the baseball diamond and sponsor advertising.
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