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salaam proposal (TG).pdf
This image depicts the proposal that the Khush collective put forth for the creation of the Salaam Toronto festival, it outlines goals and purpose.

This image depicts a news article that dicusses the vision of Desh Pardesh as explained by the organizer, Punam Khosla, and it highlights the importance of LGBT representation in the festival.

DP031 - Shelly (Final Transcript).pdf
Shelly Bahl was one of the founders of the South Asian Visual Arts Centre (SAVAC). In this interview she discusses her role in several small collectives prior to her full involvement in SAVAC, and how these collectives worked hand in hand with the…

DP029 - Sharon (Final Transcript).pdf
Sharon Fernandez begins by discussing her various works within the people of colour community prior to the Dash Pardesh festival, with a specific goal to push women of colour’s involvement in the writing and in the community. She then discusses the…
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