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Sheila and Rachel, in this oral history interview, speak about their roles in Desh Pardesh, as a contributor and a programming coordinator, respectively. They explain the internal mechanisms of Desh, as well as its public perception at the time. They…

DP020 - Natasha (Final Transcript).pdf
In her oral history, Natasha Singh articulates why Desh was so influential, and also goes into depth about the world-wide influence Desh had on South Asian festivals. Additionally, she gives an example of how Desh empowered her in her everyday life.

DP006 - Cameron (Final Transcript).pdf
In this oral history, Cameron Bailey focuses on the uniqueness of Toronto’s art scene; he says that artists in Toronto can work together despite difference. He is only vaguely aware of the politics within Desh Pardesh. He also speaks about…
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