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fight harris (TG).pdf
This image depicts a 1996 flyer that Desh Pardesh issued that called for people to fight against the Harris government and the far reaching cuts that it was issuing, as well as the effects that these cuts have on targeted communities.

DP020 - Natasha (Final Transcript).pdf
In her oral history, Natasha Singh articulates why Desh was so influential, and also goes into depth about the world-wide influence Desh had on South Asian festivals. Additionally, she gives an example of how Desh empowered her in her everyday life.

DP001 - Amita (Final Transcript).pdf
This interview with Amita Handa on June 4th, 2015 is largely dedicated to a careful critique of the benefits and dangers of identity politics and intersectional theory, as well as a summary of the arts and culture she and her colleagues were involved…
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