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DP006 - Cameron (Final Transcript).pdf
In this oral history, Cameron Bailey focuses on the uniqueness of Toronto’s art scene; he says that artists in Toronto can work together despite difference. He is only vaguely aware of the politics within Desh Pardesh. He also speaks about…

DP020 - Natasha (Final Transcript).pdf
In her oral history, Natasha Singh articulates why Desh was so influential, and also goes into depth about the world-wide influence Desh had on South Asian festivals. Additionally, she gives an example of how Desh empowered her in her everyday life.

Sheila and Rachel, in this oral history interview, speak about their roles in Desh Pardesh, as a contributor and a programming coordinator, respectively. They explain the internal mechanisms of Desh, as well as its public perception at the time. They…
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