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AIDS database Spr 1990.jpg
An article discussing a Ryerson database called AIDSCAN, with information on the HIV/AIDS virus.

White t-shirt with yellow grid beneath a mountain and "1990" in pink.

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White oval button with large pink triangle and smaller triangles in pink, black, and white. Text in black.

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Gay & Lesbian Studies Jul 1990.jpeg
A bulletin advertising Ryerson's Continuing Education course offerings in the Gay & Lesbian Studies Series for Fall 1990.

Circular white pin with blue text, numbers interlocking.

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Square white pin with pink triangle and interlocking male and female symbols in black and white. Text in black.

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Out of the closet Spr 1990.jpg
A poster advertising a continuing education course on gay and lesbian content.

White shirt with photograph of two men kissing.
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