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Interview with Fred Sproule.JPG
In this oral history interview Frederick Sproule, 88 years old, discusses his life as a gay man in Toronto from the early twentieth century onwards. The interview begins with Sproule describing his coming out experience when he was 18 and lived in…

Interview with Michael Dafoe.JPG
In this oral history interview Michael Dafoe, 53 years old, describes his life as gay teacher and historian in Toronto. The interview begins with Michael discussing his background. He mentions he was born in Winnipeg to an upper middle-class family,…

Interview with Bob Grimson.JPG
Oral history interview with a gay man, Bob, completed as part of the Foolscap project.

Bob discusses growing up Jew and gay in Toronto from pre-World War II onwards. He begins the interview by recounting his entrance into the Toronto gay scene…

White circular button with a pink triangle over a rainbow band, text in black.

Circular white pin with an image of a bear's head, black text and a paw print.

Organizations cb113.jpg
Black text on red/white background, "Body Politic" masthead in white rectangle with pink triangle symbol

Circular white button with black text.

Olive green shirt with blue text.

White shirt with red and black text.

White t-shirt with yellow star and pink frozen lollipop, white text on top.
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