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White rectangular button with red, blue, and yellow triangles for border. Black text.

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Black t-shirt with white text, and pin triangle as part of a clothes-hanger.

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A white t-shirt for Pride Week Toronto, 1994.

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A white t-shirt for the 10th International Conference on AIDS.

Out of the closet Jan 26 1994.jpg
A newspaper article on one professor's attempts to bring a gay studies certificate program to Ryerson.

Safety Watch Oct 9 1994.jpeg
A safety watch providing details about an assault on two men on Gerrard Street across from Jorgenson Hall.

Working with Diversity Feb 18 1994.jpeg
A poster for a workshop aimed at helping social work students work with LGBT clients and colleagues.

Sex Us Aug 1994.pdf
A brochure produced by Ryerson in 1994 for the purpose of safer sex education.
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