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Cream t-shirt with pink triangle and violin illustration, black text

Cream t-shirt with illustration of leatherman and clack text

White t-shirt with illustration of pink triangle on front and black text on reverse that reads, "Because lesbians and gay men are discriminated against in employment and housing and because how we act is more important than who we are and if we get…

AIDS walk Sept 29 1999.jpeg
A newspaper clipping about Ryerson's participation in the 10th Annual AIDS Walk Toronto

Homophobia task force Feb 5 1992.jpeg
A newspaper clipping from 1992 about the lack of anti-homophobia material in Ryerson'as AIDS education

Sex Us Aug 1994.pdf
A brochure produced by Ryerson in 1994 for the purpose of safer sex education.

Working for a cure t-shirt.pdf
A white t-shirt produced by the Ryerson Students' Administrative Council and RyePRIDE with a red ribbon logo that reads "ryerson students' administrative council working for a cure to hiv/aids"

Ryerson Image Sum 2014.jpg
A poster advertising Ryerson Image Centre's World Pride exhibit "What it Means to Be Seen." Features Gerald Hannon's 1976 photograph "Kiss-in at the corner of Yonge and Bloor."

Closet hetes Feb 21 1992.jpeg
A newspaper article describing an anti-homophobia play put on by BGALOR (now RyePRIDE) that imagines a world where homosexuality is the dominant orientation.

Design for May 2014 .jpg
A poster advertising the 2014 HSBC World Pride Fashion Design Competition, which challenges students to "create a work of art inspired by some of the moment's top, High Drag Queens."
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