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Oral History with Cheryl Freeman, 1987


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Oral History with Cheryl Freeman, 1987


Cheryl Freeman was born in 1949, adopted by a working class Baptist family. She grew up in Toronto. Her biological mother was Jewish but she was not informed until she was in her 30s. Her father was an alcoholic. Her mother was very controlling but often very supportive. Her mother committed her to a mental hospital at 16 years of age, because she was rebellious. Between 16 and 18 she was in and out of mental hospitals but there she discovered that her sexual attraction to girls was “normal” and she was introduced to lesbian culture through other lesbians in those institutions. When she was out of those institutions, she started going to gay and lesbian bars. She made money by dealing drugs, robbery and protecting prostitutes. She was married to a gay man and had a daughter intentionally in 1971. Between the ages of 19 and 21, she lived with a woman lover who had a child. At that time she switched from butch to femme. After 21, she lived in several co-op houses and went on welfare. Post-1969, she participated in several gay rights organizations, including CHAT and LOOT. She speaks of encountering prejudice from lesbian-feminists around butch/femme roles. She lived off and on with at least three women lovers. She experienced abuse from a sister and one woman lover.


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1950s to 1970s, 1987

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