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Delwin Vriend (1967 - )



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Delwin Vriend (1967 - )


Delwin Vriend was fired from his laboratory coordinator job with the Christian King's College in Edmonton in January 1991 after confirming that he was gay. Vriend was unable to complain through the Alberta Human Rights Commission since the Alberta Human Rights Code does not prohibit discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. Delwin challenged the act's constitutionality all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada and won after seven years. Delwin's victory represented a victory for every gay and lesbian in this country. The photograph of Delwin and his partner Andrew Gagnon, kissing in front of a crowd celebrating the Supreme Court decision, has become one of the icons in the growing treasury of lesbian and gay legal and civic victories. (1998 Induction Statement)

Renvoyé de son poste d'enseignant à Edmonton en raison de son homosexualité; lorsque la Commission des droits de la personne de l'Alberta refuse d'intervenir, Delwyn en appelle à la Cour suprême du Canada qui statue que les droits des personnes homosexuelles doivent être inclus dans la Loi sur la protection des droits des individus de la province.


Bill Frampton


Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives




Medium: acrylic

Dimensions: 25 x 19cm (W x H)


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