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Letter from Harry Benjamin thanking Rupert Raj for his Christmas card and wishing Raj the best in his work.

Letter from Keith C. Norton inviting Rupert Raj to provide written comments on the "Toward a Commission Policy on Gender Identity Discussion Paper" written by Norton for the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Norton states that the Commission will use…

Letter from Docteur S. de France, a medical sexologist, asking Rupert Raj personal questions about transitioning and for general opinions on hormone replacement therapy. de France mentions creating a non-profit organization "CEMTOR" and inquires…

Letter from JoAnn Roberts in which she informs Rupert Raj that the International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) cannot publish his volume of poems due to financial constraints. She offers steps he might take to print and publish the…

JoAnn Roberts apologizes to Rupert Raj for a delayed response and informs Raj that his most recent book meets the requirements for publication but the International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) is unable to publish it at this time. Roberts…

Kim Stuart tells Rupert about a conference she attended and the individuals she was able to interact with. She enclosed a copy of the talk she gave, as well as a resolution which passed at a meeting for the National Lesbian and Gay Lawyers…

Letter from Dr. Sven O. Rubin to Rupert Raj, introducing his manuscript on "sex conversion operations."

Letter from Dr. Fernando J. Bianco, Director of the Venezuelan Psychiatric, Psychological, and Sexological Research Center, explaining an operation. Bianco's curriculum vitae (CV) is attached.

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Letter from Dee Dailey to Rupert Raj concerning a proposal and asking for information on FtM hormone therapy to publish a hormone guide.
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