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Part of an oral history project that collected stories from anonymous men who were arrested as found-ins during the 1981 Bathhouse Raids in Toronto.

Phillip, who was the treasurer of the Right to Privacy Committee, discusses his sexuality and…

DP013 - Ian (Final Transcript).pdf
Ian Iqbal Rashid is a poet and writer, and one of the co-founders of Desh Pardesh. In this interview he discusses the conception of Desh, its original visions and its its manifestation into an internationally recognized event. Rashid was not involved…

Letter to the editor from Rupert Raj (formerly known as Nicolas C. Ghosh) responding to an article published in New Times magazine.

Writing detailing Lou's experience as he receives gender affriming surgery. Includes some sketches.

A collection of transition essays and stories edited by Rupert Raj by Judy Dupuis, Mark Morris, Eliot Mark, Romeo Bliss, and Dorian Carl Munday.
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