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White t-shirt with yellow star and pink frozen lollipop, white text on top.

White shirt with black text; man holding steel pipe on back.

White t-shirt with printed photo of a protest in front of the Canadian Parliament buildings.

White t-shirt with blue-green text and graphic, front and back.

Dark blue shirt with white text, "Pick us up."

White t-shirt with logos of queer-oriented businesses in the Church-Wellesley village.

TAB-1964-02-22-p.13 The Regency Club.jpg
A newspaper advertisement for a popular meeting place for gay men.

TAB-1964-01-18-p.13 Looking for the Unusual.jpg
A newspaper advertisement for a catalogue on gay media, pornography, and locations for public sex.

TAB-1963-11-30-p.15 A833.jpg
A newspaper personal posted by a young man active in the "gay nite-life".

Gender Diversity 1 1986-1987.jpg
A syllabus for a course on social work and a myriad of gay and lesbian themed topics.
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