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Call for board memebers (TG).pdf
This image depicts a call for board member nominations as Desh Pardesh was trying to become a year round event rather than an annual festival.

This image depicts a news article that describes the kind of cultural work that Desh Pardesh is doing by breaking boundaries of identity and tradition.

dance sexy (TG).pdf
This image depicts a small flyer that was handed out in 1996 that asks people to come join a dance party with local female DJs.

This image depicts a news article that discusses the final closing of Desh Pardesh after the several problems it had faced.

This image depicts a news article that describes the kind of financial trouble that Desh Pardesh was facing in 2000.

This image depicts a pamphlet that draws attention to specific parts of the 1996 Desh Pardesh festival that are of special interest.

desh mandate (TG).pdf
This image depicts a document that outlines the goals and resolutions for the Desh Pardesh team, as well as the then current board members.

1994 postcard(TG).pdf
This image depicts a postcard that was sold at the 1994 Desh Pardesh conference, it is a picture of a woman with several labels attached to her and a short description of Desh Pardesh.

1993 outline (TG).pdf
This image depicts the program outline for the 1992 and highlights some significant works that were to be displayed.
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