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Rupert Raj apologizes for offending Paul A. Walker in his previous letter and requests to reprint Walker's review of "Female to Male Transsexualism."

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Paul A. Walker responds to a personal letter from Rupert Raj, thanking him for the letter and a certificate of merit. Walker also explains that his retirement is medically motivated, and that he is looking forward to meeting Raj at the HBIGDA…

Letter from Paul A. Walker to Rupert Raj discussing the founding and work of Gender Clinic at the Univeristy of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. Walker discusses the steps to becoming a patient at the clinic as well.

Letter from Paul A. Walker to Rupert Raj discussing a previous letter and pointing Raj in the direction of the North American Transsexualism Society Inc. Also includes a letter in support of getting more professionals involved in the care of…

Reviews by Lou Sullivan and Paul A. Walker of "Female-to-Male Transsexualism: Historical, Clinical, and Theoretical Issues" by Leslie M. Lothstein.
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