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Sex education Oct 10 2007.jpg
A newspaper article on the sexual education available at Ryerson.

Black t-shirt with gold star, for AIDS Committee of Toronto benefit event

AIDS Action Now t-shirt, white background; "Action=Life" on back

A grey t-shirt describing the widespread impact of HIV/AIDS.

AIDS database Spr 1990.jpg
An article discussing a TMU database called AIDSCAN, with information on the HIV/AIDS virus.

A white t-shirt with colourful artwork depicting a quilt with indigenous themes from southern North America and Central America.

Circular white pin with red and blue text, and a blue dove.


AIDS walk Sept 29 1999.jpeg
A newspaper clipping about Ryerson's participation in the 10th Annual AIDS Walk Toronto

AIDS Walk Sep 24 2003.jpg
A newspaper clipping about TMU's participation in the 15th Annual AIDS Walk Toronto.

White t-shirt featuring the red ribbon over a black footprint; "Volunteer" on back
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