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An extended interview between Tom Warner and Gary Kinsman, an academic and activist who discusses gay political activism in the 1970s and 1980s in Toronto and the maritimes.

Part 1 covers coming out and his early life, and getting involved with…

A 1978 conversation between Stuart Russell, Reiner Marvitz, Gerhard Hoffman, Mariana Valverde, Brian Mossop, Ben Popert, David Thorstad, and Bob Kunst about the state of the gay movement and its history and future.

Topics include how to engage…

Michael Lynch reflects on the 1979 police raid of theBody Politicoffices and the subsequent trial after it published the story "Men Loving Boys Loving Men." The response to the trial touched on police brutality, obscenity laws, gay liberation,…

Gender Review 1.4.pdf
Special issue: Androgyny Articles include: "Introduction" by Leo Wollman to Behold, I Am Woman by Diana (existence of gender variant behaviour through history) "Statue of an hermaphrodite" (photo and text, from The Transexual Phenomenon by Harry…
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