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F0021_01_229_01 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Letter from Angelo Tornabene (Mario Martino) to Rupert Raj (formerly known as Nicholas Ghosh), in which Tornabene reports on his recent trips to California and Florida. He provides information on his meetings with two doctors in those states.

F0021_01_229_03 (Compressed)_Redacted_OCR.pdf
Letter from Fred Bitterfield to Angelo Tornabene (Mario Martino), in which Bitterfield provides a list of companies that provide medical and life insurance and will consider applications from transgender patients. There are also unrelated handwritten…

F0021_01_229_07 (Compressed)_OCR_Redacted.pdf
Letter from Tony (Mario Martino) talking about how he's begun to lecturing at universities and schools when he can. He talks about someone's phalloplasty that had some issues and the cost of it. He discusses that while he has a law degree he can't…
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