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White shirt with blue flowers and various names of sponsors.

White t-shirt with orange seahorse on blue background, with two pink triangles.

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White shirt with photograph of two men kissing.

Grey t-shirt with rainbow flag beneath running figures; sponsors and "Staff" on back

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White t-shirt for lesbian and gay Pride Week Toronto, 1993.

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A white t-shirt for Pride Week Toronto, 1994.

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A white t-shirt for the 10th International Conference on AIDS.

White t-shirt featuring the red ribbon over a black footprint; "Volunteer" on back

Douglas Crimp 1 Oct 1992.jpg
A booklet describing the achievements of the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, and the critic Douglas Crimp who, attending the Kodak Chair Series lectures, discussed his works in relation to AIDS activism.

Lesbian and Gay Realities purple 1991.jpg
A poster advertising a continuing education course on gay and lesbian content.
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