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Light blue circular button with four couples in black arranged in an "x," text in black.

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Events cb206.jpg
White rectangular button with figure divided into masculine and feminine halves over a silhouette of the CN Tower. Red text.

White circular button with interlocking red, blue, and yellow artwork, text in red and blue.

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Cream t-shirt with logo and black text

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Black circular button with pink triangle and text.

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Doing it Sum 1982.jpg
A poster for Doing It!, a lesbian and gay liberation conference and festival hosted at Ryerson by Ryerson Lesbians and Gay Men.

Creative writing bookmark Fal.jpg
A bookmark advertising a creative writing course for lesbians and gay men as part of Ryerson's continuing education courses in Gay & Lesbian Studies.

Circular white pin with two figures wearing leather gear, including chaps, in black. Text in black also.

Circular white pin with red stitching designed to resemble a softball, and red text.

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Bomb threats drive gays underground Eyeopener Nov 13 1980.jpeg
A newspaper article on the bomb threats sent to the newly-formed Ryerson Gay Student Association.
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