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White t-shirt with red, blue, and silver lettering.

Circular white button with black text, over a grey field with zipper attached.


Olive green shirt with blue text.

65 2017-148_McFarlane_Court026 copy.jpg
Photographed by Leif Harmsen
March 1984
Toronto, Ontario
Dye coupler print from a digital image of a gelatin silver print
Gift of Courtnay McFarlane
Courtesy of The Family Camera Network and the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives

Yucky Men May 4 2000.jpg
A newspaper article on Ryerson student Lee Anderson's fourth year art project on queer space, the content of which was deemed offensive by the Dean's office.

Youth Line_ 030.jpg

A newspaper article pleading for action against pornographic magazines containing crossdressing and homosexual content.

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A newspaper article on the practice of criminals claiming their victims are homosexuals to escape charges.
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