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Marvellous Grounds: Queer of Colour Histories of Toronto


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Marvellous Grounds: Queer of Colour Histories of Toronto


Minority gays - Ontario - Toronto - History
Minority gays - Political activity - Ontario - Toronto - History


Introduction: Marvellous Grounds - Jin Haritaworn and Ghaida Moussa, with Syrus Marcus Ware
Part One Counter-Archives
1Organizing on the Corner: Trans Women of Colour and Sex Worker Activism in Toronto in the 1980s and 1990s - Syrus Marcus Ware, interview with Monica Forrester and Chanelle Gallant
2 It Was a Heterotopia: Four Decades of Queer of Colour Art and Activism in Toronto - Jin Haritaworn, interview with Richard Fung
3 Power in Community: Queer Asian Activism from the 1980s to the 2000s - Alan Li
4 Loud and Proud: The Story of a Brown Callaloo Dyke Coming Out in 1970s Toronto - LeZlie Lee Kam
5 Speaking Our Truths, Building Our Futures: Arts-Based Organizing in 2SQTBIPOC Communities in Toronto - Aemilius Ramirez
6 Time Capsules - Laureen Blu Waters
Part Two Cartographies of Violence
7 Cops off Campus! - Alexandria Williams
8 Migrant Sex Work Justice: A Justice-Based Approach to the Anti-Trafficking Movement - Tings Chak, Chanelle Gallant, Elene Lam, and Kate Zen
9 Queer and Trans Migration and Canadian Border Imperialism - Kusha Dadui
10 Queer Circuits of Belonging - Asam Ahmad
11 Collateral - Melisse Watson
Part Three Communities of Care and Healing
12 Toronto Crip City: A Not So Brief, Incomplete Personal History of Some Disabled QTPOC Cultural Activism in Toronto, 1997–2015 - Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
13 Healing Justice: A Conversation - nisha ahuja, Lamia Gibson, Pauline Sok Yin Hwang, and Danielle Smith
14 A Love Letter to These Marvellous Grounds: Living, Loving, and Growing in a City Called Toronto - Shaunga Tagore
15 Race, Faith, and the Queering of Spirituality in Toronto: Reflections from Sunset Service - David Lewis-Peart
16 Creating Community and Creating Family: Our QTBIPOC Parenting Group 196 - Audrey Dwyer
17 The Mourning Dress: Creating Spaces of Healing for Black Freedom - Nadijah Robinson, with Amalia M. Duncan-Raphael

ISBN: 9781771133647


Edited by Jin Haritaworn, Ghaida Moussa, and Syrus Marcus Ware


Between the Lines




Book: softcover




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Call no. 2.1713 HAR MAR 2018


Edited by Jin Haritaworn, Ghaida Moussa, and Syrus Marcus Ware, “Marvellous Grounds: Queer of Colour Histories of Toronto,” The ArQuives Digital Exhibitions, accessed January 18, 2021,