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White t-shirt with PrideFM logo, in colour.

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White t-shirt with men holding hands over blue background.

A white dress with the 2001 Pride Toronto logo, and red lacing on the back.

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A white shirt with rainbow lettering and stars for Pride 2005.

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A white dress with the 2000 Pride Toronto logo.

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White t-shirt with black and rainbow text

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Light green t-shirt with AIDS Walk logo, "Volunteer" text, and sponsors.

Burlesqe Mar 17 2005.jpg
A poster advertising an event for transgender people on campus.

Can't you act 2007.jpg
A description of a study on non-conforming gender and sexuality expressions as it relates to early childhood studies.

Rye marches Sep 20 2006.jpg
A newspaper clipping about Ryerson's participation in the 18th Annual AIDS Walk Toronto.
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