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TAB-1963-11-30-p.15 A821.jpg
A newspaper personal posted by a man likely looking for casual sex.

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TAB-1963-11-30-p.15 A819.jpg
A newspaper personal posted by a man with an interest in the "male foot," searching for a man with a "dominant personality."

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TAB-1963-11-30-p.15 A814.jpg
A newspaper personal for a lonely man looking to "meet and correspond with another gentleman".

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TAB-1963-11-30-p.15 A807.jpg
A newspaper personal for a man looking to financially assist a younger "chap."

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TAB-1963-11-30-p.15 A800.jpg
A newspaper personal for a man looking for "loyal companionship."

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TAB-1963-10-19-p.12 TEDCO.jpg
A newspaper advertisement pitching erotic and/or pornographic images of men.

A newspaper article describing one gay man's plea in court.

A newspaper article discussing lesbians in Toronto, naming them a "threat to law and order."

A newspaper article disparaging criminals who targeted homosexuals in Toronto.

A newspaper article describing a theft case.

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