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The homosexual Nov 15 1963.jpg
A Ryersonian article from 1963 describing Toronto's "gay world."

An newspaper article discussing the efficacy of punishment used against sexual deviates.

A letter describing the difference between sex offenders and benign homosexuals and the way each should be treated.

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A newspaper article on the practice of criminals claiming their victims are homosexuals to escape charges.

A column describing a case where charges were suspended due to the victim being labelled a homosexual.

A newspaper article describing the appearance of a number of crossdressers in court.

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A column espousing a doctor's successes in aversion therapy on crossdressers.

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A series of letters discussing crossdressing, gender roles, and sexual practices such as the use of leather.

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A letter on the subject of crossdressing and men and women's clothing.

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A column describing the police raid of a "bawdy house."
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