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CAMH – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

CLGRO – Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario

GIC – Gender Identity Clinic

GCS – Gender confirmation surgery (previously referred to as sexual reassignment surgery or SRS)

HRT – Hormone replacement therapy

MPP – Member of Provincial Parliament

Non-binary – A transgender person whose gender does not fit the gender binary (i.e. is neither fully male nor fully female)

OHIP – Ontario Health Insurance Plan

RHN – Rainbow Health Network, a volunteer-ran group of activists, scholars, and community members

RHO – Rainbow Health Ontario, a provincial LGBTQ+ framework

Queen's Park – A colloquial term for the Parliament of Ontario

SHC – Sherbourne Health Centre

SRS – Sexual reassignment surgery, an outdated and incorrect term for gender confirmation surgery. To read more about the difference, click here.

The 519 – An LGBTQ+ community centre in the Church and Wellesley Village

Transgender – A person whose gender does not match the one that was assigned to them at birth